About Us


About Us.

Stock Markets Done Right

At Prate Markets, our love for Stock Markets drives who we are & What we do. Prate Markets is a Financial Blog Created to Educate People About Financial Literacy & Stock Markets.

We in our Everyday life see people take very bad financial mistakes which Affect their Entire personal & professional life. We try to educate people through our Informative Blogs About Stock Markets & Personal Finance.

Our Passion

We are Really Really passionate about the Stock market and teaching about Stock Markets to people, we have various years of experience in our team that will help you to make better sound financial decisions & help in Money management.

We have Professional Traders & Market Experts to help in your topics such as Financial Planning, IPO (Initial Public Offering), Bonus Shares, Split, Right Issue, Derivatives, Futures & Options etc.

How We Can help you make better financial decisions

We Usually publish five to seven blogs per week and always seek to serve our readers. If you Don’t Want to miss a thing Start following us on Twitter or Facebook for regular updates.